Creator's Dashboard

Upload your Unreal Engine scene to our creator's dashboard to make it available from our web launcher

Please contact for access to our dashboard. Full self-service on-boarding is coming soon.

Our creator's dashboard allows you to provide information about your world that will then be available via a viewer link. You will also upload the Unreal Engine .pak file that was generated in the "Preparing your Unreal Engine World" guide. After uploading you can then publish your scene to the web and share your viewer link with others.

After you have been added to a team by Sequin support you can create a new world by clicking "Add World" in the upper right

  • Fill in all required description &¬†images.
  • Fill in the "Map" name which is the Unreal Engine map to be loaded when the pak file is loaded.
  • Featured Image & Gallery images are shown on the viewer link.
  • Thumbnail image is used for the creator's dashboard.
  • Capabilities can be used to add tags or attributes that your world contains.

Upload your Unreal Engine world pak file by selecting it or dragging it in here.

Creator's Dashboard Settings

After all the information is filled out Save your world by clicking Save in the upper right. Your pak file and images will then upload.

World Pak Uploading Status

Your link will not be live until you click "Publish". You can also "Unpublish" your links later if you decide you no longer want it to be publicly accessible.

Web links directly for users to launch your project are now available from both of these locations listed below to share on social media or other sites.

Get World share link here

Your world will now be available on the web via this link.