Multiplayer & Chat

Sequin provides instant multiplayer capabilities for your world. Once your world has been packaged and uploaded to the platform you can then enable multiplayer on your world by simply toggling a checkbox.

Multiplayer and chat functionality can be enabled under settings for your world.

Enabled Chat & Multiplayer in your world

Chat & multiplayer can be toggled on here and then click Save to enable the changes in your world. Now all players that join your world will be placed into a multiplayer instance of your world when they are logged in.

Users Per Instance

Max multiplayer users per instance controls how many players can be in a world at the same time before an a new instance is created. For example if it is set to 5 and there are 10 players joining. There will be 2 instances of your world each with 5 players in them. If max multiplayer was set to 10 all 10 players would be in the same instance of the world.

In World View

Upon joining a world you will be assigned a random avatar as shown, and chat will be enabled in the lower right as shown below

World with multiplayer enabled