Preparing your Unreal Engine World

This covers how to prepare, package and test your Unreal Engine scene
This guide will detail how to package your scene for Unreal Engine. We've been testing many different Unreal Engine environments and aim for to ensure high compatibility. If you ever have any questions or problems please reach out to us at

  • Projects must be blueprint only. C++ projects are not supported currently for security reasons.
  • All assets must be referenced from within a single folder within the project
  • Our Sequin runtime uses the standard set of enabled plugins Unreal Engine has enabled. We are looking at expanding this as needed and added popular plugins in future updates.
  • All content references must be referenced from the root folder for your project. (More on this below)
  • Editor plugins are supported for content creation, but if your world needs a runtime plugin it will not open.
  • Worlds must be using Unreal Engine version 5.1

Steps to Package your World
  • Create a new empty project based on Unreal Engine's blueprint blank game project. (C++ projects are not supported currently)
  • Open your existing project you wish to package for Sequin in Unreal Engine Editor
  • Right click on the Map you want to package and select Migrate.
  • Choose the Content folder for your newly created project
  • Use Unreal Engine's editor Move capabilities to drag/drop all content into your new project.

    All references for your project must refer to content in this folder, it can not reference content outside this folder or the project will not load correctly.
Standard Unreal Project for use with Sequin
Right click to select your Map in your original project to Migrate into your new project
Package Settings in Project Settings
  • Check use Pak file
  • Uncheck Use Io Store
  • Check Generate Chunks
  • Under "List of maps to include in a packaged build" select the map you wish to include
  • Enable SM5 + SM6 to ensure users of both are supported. (Sequin app uses DirectX12 SM6 by default, but will fallback to SM5 if SM6 is not available).
Project Packaging Settings
Enable SM6 + SM5
Pak Setup in Content Browser
  • In Content Browser right click and select Miscellaneous->Data Asset.
  • Search for "PrimaryAssetLabel" and click Select and give it any name.
  • Open up the newly created asset and set the following below.
  • Chunk Id: Any Number
  • Apply Recursively: True
  • Cook Rule: Always Cook
  • Explicit Assets: Set to the map file you want to include
Example PrimaryAssetLabel setup for the world pak file

To verify the Pak is setup correctly open Tools->Audit->Asset Audit. Then click Add Chunks. You should now see the chunk you added. You can also right click on this chunk and use "Size Map" to verify all the assets will be packaged into this pak file.

Size map showing the Demonstration map and all it's assets in the defined pak
Create Package
  • Under Platforms->Windows select "Shipping" (this compresses the resulting package more than a development build)
  • Select Package Project and pick folder to package in
  • After Project Packaging is complete you should see an additional pak file in the package location
Package Project for Shipping
Pak file location after packaging
Testing your World
  • Test your world in our launcher. You can install a debug version with logs HERE
  • You can test loading your world in our launcher by using the following command in a Windows Command Prompt
  • Sequin.exe -pak=<make file location> -map=<map to load>
  • Check Saved/Logs in the Sequin.exe folder if there are errors or it does not load correctly
My world Is not loading correctly?

If your world is not loading correctly, it may mean that you are referencing Engine content. All content in your game must reference content from within the game folder.

To diagnose this you can run UnrealPak.exe on your newly created Pak file.

From a Windows Command prompt run "C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.1\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UnrealPak" pathToPakFile -List
At the top of the output you will see Mount Point. This should not be "../../.." and indicates you are referencing Engine content. Looking at the output you will see a list of content that is included in the pak that starts with "Engine". These must be corrected and then repackaged.

UnrealPak.exe showing incorrect mount points and project having Engine content packaged

To correct you must copy the content into your Game folder and re-reference it from the new location in your Game folder. To avoid doing this manually you can use this process.

1. Navigate to the folder where the content is. In this case all the content is in Engine/Plugins/Bridge/Content/MSPresets.

2. Make a copy of the folder. In this case we copy MSPresets.

Folder has been copied

3. In Unreal Editor, left click and move the folder of Engine content into you Game folder. In this example we are dragging MSPresets folder into All/Content. All content will then automatically be re-referenced by Unreal Editor.

4. Repackage the project and observer Engine content is going and mount point is now "../../../ProjectName/Content"

Correct Pak Mount Point and no Engine content is present

5. Renamed the copied folder in your Engine/Plugins folder back to the original name so the content is there for future projects

Restoring copied folder to original folder MSPresets so Engine content is available for future projects

You can now re-test your pak file and it should now load correctly.

Please contact for any assistance.